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Concrete Jack is family-owned and operated full service slab jacking/concrete leveling, chemical grouting, foundation repair, and foam jacking contractor serving Virginia, Maryland, North Carolina, West Virginia, Pennsylvania (non-residential), Delaware (non-residential), New Jersey (non-residential), and the District of Columbia.  Concrete Jack’s estimates and site visits, from residential sidewalk and driveway repair to commercial and industrial projects are always free.

Concrete Jack has raised and leveled millions of square feet of concrete, ranging from sidewalks to foundations and even interstate highways.  Additionally, Concrete Jack has sealed leaks and filled voids around steam tunnels, culvert pipes, grouted pipes under dams and roads, and corrected settlement and pumping of railroad infrastructure.  We use only the best geotechnical and structural repair materials available, from suppliers including NCFI, and Earth Contact Products.

Concrete Jack is a division of Preston H. Roberts, Inc, based in Williamsburg, Virginia.  We started repairing concrete using the mud jacking process in 2008, and have since expanded to a diverse portfolio of repair methods, including high density polyurethane foam jacking, cellular concrete installation, foundation repair, and chemical grouting.  Concrete Jack’s portfolio of successful projects includes millions of square feet of repairs.  Some of these projects include stabilizing interstates with polyurethane foam, lifting apartment buildings with helical and resistance piers, chemical grouting for soil modification at industrial facilities, and cellular concrete installation as part of dam rehabilitations.




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