Benefits of Mudjacking

Benefits of Mudjacking

Mudjacking is a great process for lifting and stabilizing settled concrete when the pieces of concrete are in good shape (not broken into a bunch of pieces).  Some of the benefits of mudjacking include:


Mudjacking generally costs about half the price of replacing concrete.  Mudjacking and concrete replacement have similar cost structures, so whether jobs are small or large, mudjacking generally costs about half the price of replacement.

 Quick usage:

Mudjacking generally allows you to walk on the concrete being lifted during the work.  You may usually drive on mudjacked concrete within a few hours of lifting, if not immediately afterwards.


Mudjacking tends to be much less disruptive than concrete replacement.  Mudjacking equipment is generally small, lightweight and quiet. This helps to avoid damage and disruption to your landscaping, trees and shrubs, etc.


It is almost impossible to match the color and texture of existing concrete when replacing it.  Mudjacking lifts your existing concrete, so you are not left with panels of non-matching concrete.  Mudjacking does involve drilling holes to inject the mudjacking material, however we work to match your existing concrete as closely as possible in color and texture.  This works for stamped/stained concrete as well, because holes are relatively small, they can be patched with similarly-stained concrete to help maintain the aesthetics of your concrete.


Speed is a great benefit of mudjacking.  Many pieces of concrete can be lifted in a few minutes with mudjacking.  For example, a piece of sidewalk dropped at the base of a set of steps can take just a few minutes to lift using mudjacking.

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